SAPRA is always on the move – keeping busy to keep our members in the loop at all times. Our services encompass a whole lot of negotiations, research and training. We would love for you to get an idea of what we do on a daily basis and how these services benefit our members.

Labour law guidance
Fuel retailers in South Africa are often perplexed about how to approach a labour dispute. A service station needs multiple individuals to function and without these staff members, your facility will suffer losses.

For this reason, SAPRA offers labour law guidance in the South African fuel retail industry. This covers all aspects of labour law including what to do during mass strikes and wage negotiations. In fact, one of the main services SAPRA offers is partaking in wage negotiation talks between union representatives and fuel station owners.

Health and safety guidance
Another service we provide is preventing your fuel station from being fined or shut down because of non-compliance to safety regulations. SAPRA is fully equipped with everything you need to know in order to keep your retail outlet within legal boundaries.

These health and safety laws do undergo changes. When they do, many fuel station owners are left out of the loop and therefore don’t adjust their premises accordingly. SAPRA is in the business of updating members about these changes and suggesting clever, easy-to-follow methods of implementing them.

General industry advice
The fuel retail industry is not stagnant. It is ever-moving and changing with the times. SAPRA makes a point of keeping up to date with all these changes and relaying them to our members. But these are not just notifications. SAPRA also offers helpful advice to members on how to execute certain strategies. We continually offer many suggestions about what can be done to improve your experience as a fuel retailer in South Africa.

Supply and price notifications
SAPRA is always in the loop about industry price changes. We are also aware of supply problems—an occurrence that has become more and more common of late. Our members get notified of these supply problems before anyone else, and are therefore able to execute counter measures in order to stay afloat.

Training services
Training takes up a lot of our time. We are constantly involved in growing our members into capable fuel retail managers and growing their businesses. You can be a part of this too by contacting SAPRA and becoming a member. Become a part of our culture and feel the peace of mind of being a part of our organisation. The more of us there are, the stronger we will be.