About us

Becoming a fuel retailer in South Africa is a challenging endeavour. There are many aspects to the industry, and many of these aspects pertain to sometimes-confusing legal requirements. A business owner who has just entered the South African fuel retail industry is sure to be bombarded with loads of industry terminology that may at first be hard to understand.

Then there’s the daily running of your fuel station. Staff issues can bring your business to a halt and supply problems have caused multiple shutdowns in the country. So who do fuel retailers turn to?

SAPRA (South African Petroleum Retailers Association) acts as a friend to fuel retailers in South Africa. We provide you with a smooth pathway through all the legal requirements in the industry and help you to interpret much of the industry jargon that’s bound to confuse most.

In addition, SAPRA assists with the day-to-day events that affect South African fuel retailers. These include aspects such as:

  • Fuel prices
  • Labour issues and strikes
  • Wage negotiations
  • Product supply issues
  • BEE requirements
  • and Training

Our Role

Take a look at our role in the fuel industry and how we can benefit you as a South African fuel retailer. We’d also love for you to meet our team of dedicated individuals who will be walking you through many of the procedures you need to understand throughout your ownership.