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Who is SAPRA?

Learn more about the South African Petroleum Retailers Association and how we represent the interest of all petroleum retailers in South Africa and help make fuel retailing a business of choice for investors.
We assist our members with the following

Labour law help

BEE Advice

Full Training

Petrol price info

Health & Safety

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We represent you…

during wage negotiations
and labour issues

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of legislation changes, fuel supply issues and industry news

We enable you…

through training to grow and develop your business

Daily Price Estimate

Estimated Price adjustment as per release date - 22 October, 2020
Petrol 93
14.992 cents/litre Decrease
Petrol 95
18.544 cents/litre Decrease
Diesel 0.05%
7.959 cents/litre Decrease
Diesel 0.005%
7.588 cents/litre Decrease
Illuminating Paraffin

16.589 cents/litre Increase in wholesale price

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