Invitation – Reinventing the fuel industry after the Covid-19 pandemic

ABSA, in collaboration with GridCars, the South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA) and the South African Petroleum Retailers Association (SAPRA), invites you to the first of a series of industry webinars. RSVP by the 3 August 2020 to secure your place Download PDF. Invitation

Know your Chairman – Northern Region

Your Chair person under the spotlight in this edition is Mr August Fleischman. August is currently the SAPRA National Vice Chair as well as the Regional Chair for the Northern Region. SAPRA is constituted on a model where member retail site owners get elected through a democratic process, to represent the interest of like-minded retailers in their respective regions. Download …

A glimpse at the fuel station of the future

No one could have imagined that the simple filling stations of the 1970s would one day morph into the enormous service stations dotting our highways today, with their vast selection of franchise food stores, playgrounds, shops and multitude of petrol pumps. Download PDF. document

SAPRA Sanitisation Protocol Posters

Download SAPRA Monitoring Schedule Customer Suppier Download SAPRA Temperature-Monitoring-Schedule-Staff Download SAPRA-Customer-Sanitisation-Protocol Download SAPRA-Generic-Sanitisation.pdf Download SAPRA-Staff-Domestic-Activity.pdf Download SAPRA-Supplier-Delivery-Sanitisation-Protocol.pdf Download SAPRA-Workplace-Sanitisation.pdf

Disaster Management Interpretation and Declaration Form

Communication from the RMI – Over the last couple of weeks we have had a number of our members querying the ruling and interpretation of what constitutes an essential service and what services are able to trade during the current lockdown.