Why Join SAPRA

What sort of benefits will you enjoy as a fuel retailer who joins SAPRA? We’ve spoken to some of our existing members and asked them what services they find most useful. The following is a summary of the most important elements we offer to members. This is why we want you to become a member.

SAPRA has got your back
Dealing with legal aspects within the fuel retail industry can be a daunting prospect for fuel retailers. Fortunately, SAPRA has already covered all these bases and will mediate many of them on your behalf. These include important processes such as wage negotiations during an industry strike and labour disputes within the retail outlet. Many of the legal challenges you are likely to face can be prevented by implementing certain measures. We provide you with that information as part of our service.

We have a strong influence over the industry – and we make sure that your interests are protected

A continual flow of useful, actionable advice
SAPRA is always hosting useful training workshops as part of our goal to empower fuel retailers and their staff. There is a constant flow of helpful information that gets offered at these training sessions. We provide you with practical methodology that can be applied immediately at your facility. SAPRA is also only a phone call or email away when additional assistance is needed throughout the year.

We empower our members to handle any challenges that may come their way

All relevant information in one place
Everything you need to know in order to run and manage your service station is available in our members section. Our door is open to you as a member. If there is something you cannot find, the SAPRA team is always available to assist members with their queries via phone or email. Additionally, any documentation that has to do with the policies and procedures in the fuel retail industry is available from us. Simply give us a call and we will send you whatever you need.

We strive to offer peace of mind for all our members, thereby enabling them to dedicate their time to running their outlets anxiety-free.

Important notifications delivered to your inbox
When you become a member with SAPRA, you will no longer need to conduct your own investigations or research into industry changes. All alerts and news will be sent to you by us via our user-friendly newsletter. We have always been the first point of contact for our members and if there’s something worth knowing, we will know about it before anyone else.

Our current members are highly appreciative of these services and you can see why. As part of our mission, SAPRA is always trying to provide more accessibility to information needed by fuel retailers in South Africa. So far, we believe that we are achieving this goal; and we plan to continue to do so as the industry grows.


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