Thought leadership

As a representative of fuel retailers in SA, we believe that we are the leaders in what we do and how we do it. Allow us to show you why we feel this way.

SAPRA on the frontlines of the industry
Those of us who directly represent the fuel retailers of South Africa are forever in the heat of every relevant discussion. Our representatives deal with government officials, oil companies and local union leaders. By staying close to the action and not being afraid to get our hands dirty, we ensure that you don’t have to. So ask yourself; as a South African fuel retailer, who’s fighting for you?

How we exercise our influence on your behalf
Because SAPRA’s team has been partaking in negotiations for so many years, we’ve formed relationships with key members in the industry. For this reason, we have an advantage when it comes to deriving information or influencing a decision. Our members rest assured that we are always looking out for their best interests and will continually attempt to effect changes in their favour.

Service delivery and how we treat our members
Dealing with you is just as important to us. It would be pointless if we did all the work on your behalf without updating you in the process. That’s why SAPRA makes a point of keeping the communication channels open at all times. We communicate with our members via email, and post pertinent information on our website’s members’ page. If for any reason you need to get hold of us, we are always only a phone call away.

Sharing what we know with you
While defending you is an important aspect of our services, we also believe in pre-emptive measures. In order to keep your fuel retail company safe from compromise, SAPRA will share important information and train you and your staff wherever necessary. A constant flow of helpful advice and news will be sent to you in the way you find most convenient.