Our Role

The South African Petroleum Retailers Association (SAPRA) strives for sustainable growth and profitability of Petroleum Retailers in a difficult trading environment. When SAPRA takes on challenges facing the industry, we do so in an inclusive way as the benefit and results impact all retailers in the country.

Current and emerging Petroleum Retailers face many challenges. This sector is burdened with daunting legal and regulatory compliance, coupled with day-to-day operational challenges. SAPRA helps retailers with many of the challenges and interpretation of the sometimes-confusing industry semantics.

This year in particular saw us focus on a strong communication strategy and business rescue initiatives to help retailers navigate through turbulent times.

SAPRA acts as the conduit for Petroleum retailers to channel concerns in an organised manner. History has shown that our collaborative approach yields good results, and we will continue to develop this model.

The Petroleum Industry in South Africa is facing several changes, staying abreast is paramount. For this reason, the SAPRA strategic intent "To influence the role-players in the Fuel Industry value chain in such a way, that we positively contribute to a sustainable downstream Fuel Industry for all Fuel retailers", remains fundamental to directing our activities.

In short, SAPRA’s role in the fuel retail industry of South Africa is to act as a mediator and advisor to all service station owners within the country. We provide our members with invaluable assistance and information which helps them navigate the complexities that exist within the industry.

Our firm believes that fuel retail outlets are a lucrative and beneficial business within the country—especially with the growth of South Africa’s economy. However, many retailers either leave the industry prematurely or are too fearful to enter the industry in the first place. This is because of some of the fears that surrounds the industry such as petrol prices, fuel shortages and labour disagreements.

SAPRA aims to bridge these gaps and initiate an easy-to-follow set of principles that make owning a fuel station simple, safe and lucrative.

Our role in SA Labour Law

A challenge that most fuel retailers face at some point is labour disputes. The management of fuel retail staff must follow specific guidelines in order to adhere to South African labour law. Understanding these laws and implementing proper labour law measures will prevent future disputes from negatively affecting your business. SAPRA plays a vital role in advising fuel retailers about basic labour law practices and implications.

Our role in Health and Safety

A fuel station deals with high volumes of flammable materials. It is therefore imperative that safety measures are in place to prevent fire damage and other related injuries. Motorists are also sometimes reckless at service stations and there are a number of space requirements that must be adhered to for easy navigation in and through the facility. In all matters related to a fuel retail outlet, SAPRA advises members on what health and safety matters should be noted and implemented.

Our role in fuel supply chains

SAPRA is intimately involved with a number of organisations:

  • The supply chains that bring fuel to South African service stations. Because of our relationship with suppliers, we are able to notify retailers of any impending shortages that may occur.

  • We are a constituent association of the Retail Motor Industry Organization (RMI). This allows us to notify our members of all matters related to the motor industry.

  • Our feelers also stretch out to government departments who have a say in matters that affect the industry. Fuel price is one such matter. SAPRA notifies members of price increases and any other relevant changes in legislation.

Our role in training

There’s a great need for training within the fuel retail industry. SAPRA fills this demand by offering training to members on how to run a successful fuel retail outlet. This is a benefit we offer to members of SAPRA and all their staff - whether cashiers, forecourt attendants or managers.

As you can see, we are very involved in all matters related to the industry and our services are ever-expanding. As the industry grows, so do our knowledge and our services to members. Through these helpful services we encourage more investors to enter the industry and benefit from it.