RAS Matrix – December 2020

Download BSS-RAS MatrixDownload BSS-RAS Matrix – RORODownload BSS-RAS Matrix – CORODownload BSS-RAS Matrix Summary Dec 2013 to Dec 2020

COBRA Survey Presentation

Herewith attached the Survey results for the COBRA Survey conducted recently in collaboration with SAPRA on the impact of Covid-19 You will notice that the data has many interesting outcomes. Should you still wish to participate in the survey click on the link below to submit your data. Take the Survey Or view the Survey results by downloading the PDF …

University Study – Opex and related items in RAS

Herewith details of an all-encompassing Industry commissioned University Study on Opex and related items in RAS that is currently underway. The application of RAS currently is not consistent across industry and open for misinterpretation. The study will be broken down into phases, with phase 1 being clear and unambiguous interpretation of the definitions. Should you wish to find out more …

OTL Africa 2020 Virtual Expo

In collaboration with SAPRA. Click on the link below to register for this event. https://otlafrica.com/register/live/2020-registration/ Download the pdf invitation

Retailer Engagement – Covid-19 Retailer Relief Exercise

SAPRA has engaged with the COBRA Initiative and its partners who are committed to pooling their collective knowledge, experience, and resources to enable distressed businesses to stand a better chance of surviving the economic crisis that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. COBRA consists of a consortium of enterprises that are united to use business as a force for …