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Disciplinary enquiries & Management of DisciplineDownload invite & registration form

Radio Interview – The Petroleum Product Act Compliance Forum

Vishal Premlall and Gadibolae Dihlabo radio interview with SAFM talking about the Petroleum Product Act Compliance Forum.”Many of us as motorists hardly ever check if the petrol or diesel that is poured into our cars is actually proper and if we are paying the right amount per litre. On the other hand we buy low pressure gas for home use …

Podcast – Medical certificates and Traditional healers

Herewith another very relevant podcast put together by the RMI IR Team which inadvertently impacts all business owners.

Podcast – Sick, Accident and Maternity Pay Fund

Listen to a 3 minute podcast on the Sick, Accident and Maternity Pay Fund, an exclusive fund for employees employed by RMI members.Should you require more detailed information on the fund, please call the SAPRA office or your IR Specialist at the local RMI office.Contact SAPRA

Electric Vehicle Technology Summit June 2019

Vishal Premlall (SAPRA Director) recently attended the 2019 Electric Vehicle (EV) Technologies Summit in Gauteng.The session proved somewhat controversial with tug-of-war style presentations making claims that industry is or is not heading in a new direction. If EV and hybrid vehicles are the new world of transportation heading for South Africa or Africa, then when does the impact become significant enough …

Wits Business School Public Lecture on Carbon Taxes

Vishal Premlall, Director of SAPRA, attended the Wits Business School Public Lecture on Carbon Taxes 04th June 2019 coordinated by Prof Rod Crompton.Below is a link to a 10 min video with some highlights from the session. Some interesting takeouts, the key for now though being to create a consumer behavioural change.

South Africa Consumer & Retail Report Q4 2018

Download the latest South African Consumer & Retail Report by Fitch Solutions (Includes 5-year forecasts to 2022).Document Type: PDF (1.9 MB)Download Report